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Tips For Airbnb Hosts: Amenity Overhaul

Chasing Five-Stars

Airbnb and the short-term rental industry are quickly becoming increasingly more competitive for hosts. Due to the rise in competition, it has never been more important to secure five-star reviews from your guests. It is safe to say that familiarizing yourself with the expected amenities is a must. Meeting the basic expectations is a necessity, but what steps should hosts take when they want to stand out above the crowd? The answers may be easier to find than you think. After all, YOU have traveled before, right?

Quick Tip & Necessary Amenities: When you step into the shoes of an owner, do not forget what it is like to be a consumer. Think back to your last vacation. Was there anything that could have improved the overall quality of your trip? If so, those may be the things that you can incorporate into your short-term rental experience to ensure that you stand out from the crowd! When going the extra mile, we cannot forget the basics. Here are the Airbnb amenities the average guests expects to have before the fancy stuff:

  • Strong Wifi
  • Easily Accessible Wifi (Visible Password)
  • Toilet Paper, Shampoo, Conditioner, & Soap.
  • Clean Linens
  • Towels For Each Guest Lock & Key For Their Room
  • Charging Equipment For Mobile Devices (Universal Charging Station)

Below, we will cover the extra amenities that you can add to each portion of your overall hosting experience to go above & beyond. We talk bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, technology, and tourism, all to help you earn that five-star review!

The Categories

Bathrooms: The bathroom is the easiest place in the home to make a quick impression. Due to the smaller size of bathrooms, each and every extra amenity that you pack in is sure to be in the line of sight for your guests. Taking advantage of travel sized items and buying in bulk can allow some wiggle room on extra amenities without hurting your budget. Here are a few ideas on improving your guest’s bathroom experience:

One Individually Wrapped Toothbrush Per Guest: For less than .50 cents per guest, you can offer a backup toothbrush that is individually wrapped via purchasing in bulk on Amazon. Great if your guests forget theirs.

A Hair Dryer: A great way to earn an extra $5 to $10 per night.

First Aid Kit: An emergency away from home is enough to cause concern, having to find your way around a new house for safety equipment can make it much worse. Help your guests out by providing a first-aid kit that is in clear view.

– Wall Dispenser: Hosts commonly ask about solutions to providing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Guests worry about cleanliness, and hosts worry about the price. A 3-chambered wall dispenser pleases everyone.

Bathrobes: Privacy & comfort for the win

tips for airbnb hosts amenities colorado springs commerce cleaning kitchen

Kitchen: Between bulk options like Sams Club and Amazon, keeping your kitchen stocked is not as expensive as you’d think, and we all know how much a happy stomach can contribute to satisfaction.

– Bottle Opener & Wine Glasses: A 2-pack of inexpensive wine glasses and a bottle opener can be quite an inviting sight to see. You can add both for about the price of a movie date.

Assorted Coffee & Tea: Keurig is your friend here. Sticking to assortment packs will give you the best chance at pleasing a large audience. Most hosts remember coffee, but adding tea’s can be a nice touch.

– The Little Things: Ensuring that you have the essentials out in plain sight can increase your guest’s confidence and save you from answering questions. If you offer the option for a guest to cook and they see oven-mitts, salt & pepper, and a slip with directions to the stove, engagement is sure to go up.

tips for airbnb hosts amenities colorado springs commerce cleaning bedroom

Bedrooms: The bedroom is a great place to optimize for the modern traveler. There are more entrepreneurs now than ever before, so providing a business-friendly environment can give your guests the comfort they need to work efficiently. Plus, it has never been easier to add a luxury touch to your bedrooms. Let’s take a look at a few amenities:

International Power Adapter

Blackout Curtains

Full-Length Mirror

– Basic Office Supplies (Sticky Notes, Bookmarks, Pens, Stapler, Etc)

Shoe Rack & Coat Hanger

Universal Charging Station

Dictionary (Yes, really.)

tips for airbnb hosts amenities colorado springs commerce cleaning echo

Technology & Tourism: Tech? The more, the better. As far as tourism, we highly recommend providing the tourist handbook to your city and the largest city that is closest to you. You also may be able to find a local business to provide free or discounted snacks, gift baskets, or coupons. A great touch that not many hosts are incorporating. Here is what you can add:

Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Hue Phillips Lights

Motion Sensor Nightlight

Wireless Charging

– Local Coupons or Discounts From Businesses You Work Out A Deal With

– Tourist Handbooks

Smart Lock